Papers and publications

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Paper presented at Canadian Anthropological Society Annual Meetings, University of Toronto, May 1985. 1981–1985 Iroquois Residential Change and the Longhouse Paradigm. Paper presented at "new Approaches to the Longitudinal Study of Residence" at the annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association, Denver, Colorado, Nov. 15-18, 1984. 1978 Fifteen ethnohistorical reports to Heritage Ontario, concerning First Nations' history in Ontario. The Northwest Coast: Guide to the Northwest Coast Galleries. Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum. In relation to these projects, Richard Daly has conducted field research among Ontario and New York State Iroquois peoples (data-gathering between 1979 and 1984), the Gitksan and Wetsuwet'en (over the span of years since 1986), the Sto:lo Salish (15 months between 1988-90) and the Nlaka'pamux Salish (several months between 1988-92) in British Columbia, three months (1995) among the Korku and Gonds of Madhya Pradesh. He also conducted participant observation within a Norwegian cleaning products factory (1995-96 [cf. "Learning at the Point of Production"]). He maintains a part time presence in, and a network of ties, communication and visits among the Gitksan and Wetsuwet'en peoples in northern British Columbia, due partly to an ongoing project on Gitksan kinship and residence patterns in these peoples' contemporary social and political life