Current Projects

•     Peace and war among complex hunter-gatherers of the Pacific Coast


•     The Dream Book of an Nlaka’apamux chief: philosophy of a nineteenth century life glimpsed through rock art and interviews with elder Annie York


•     Rock art in Madhya Pradesh and how “scheduled tribes” have been portrayed in the Mahabharata epic of India.


•     Post Delgamuukw aboriginal land title in Western Canada.


•     Analysis and presentation of further data regarding British Columbia “rock writing” as a system of communication.


•     Gitksan house and clan. Continuities and changes in residential and kinship systems among the matrilineal “house” groups of the Gitksan.


•     Male and female Soviet prisoners of the Nazis in Norway during World War II (with Liv Mjelde)


•     The future of VET in an African context: assisting in the planning of future international gatherings to extend the reach and influence of vocational pedagogy (with Liv Mjelde)